Changing the Pillow

Captivity and Salvation- totally different from one another. Yet only captivity adds up to the sweetness of salvation.  

Rachel half smiled as she read those lines on the top of the newspaper.

“Rubbish !”  

She threw the paper away in denial. As she walked her way to the kitchen, she pressed upon her neck trying to soothe the pain her pillow had been giving her since few weeks. John entered the kitchen as she completed plating the breakfast.

“Breakfast ready??”

“Just in time.”

He looked at Rachel and smiled, Rachel smiled back. A complete silence followed. Rachel stared at the driveway as John left. As he went out of sight, she walked towards her bedroom where her eyes met her pillow- the one that she had bought a few years back. She remembered how comforting it had been all those years and it surprised her how the same pillow is causing her so much pain.

I don’t want a new pillow, maybe the pain will go away in few days.

She hugged the pillow as she grinned. She put the pillow aside as she caught a sight of her wedding photo lying on the showcase. She looked at it and remembered how John proposed her for marriage. She took a heavy breath and smiled slightly with tearful eyes.

Knock knock…

Rachel opened the door. John was back. He hugged Rachel tight and kissed her. She kissed back.

“How was the day?” Rachel asked.



“Very much.”

Rachel served the dinner and both start to eat in utter silence. After dinner, she went back to her bedroom leaving John alone in the living room with his office work. She sat upright on her bed as she put the pillow on her lap.

“Maybe it won’t hurt today.

She put the pillow under her head after lying down in the bed. John entered the room. Rachel pretended to sleep. She could smell him from the door. She could smell the whisky or the beer- she would never know the difference anyway.

“You asleep already?” John rebuked “Wake up you wh***. I know you are not asleep.”

Rachel shut her eyes tight praying John would go away. “Wake up !” John screamed as he pulled her by the hair. Rachel opened her eyes terrified only to see the man she loved so much turn into a monster. She tried to reach her hands for her pillow as John pushed her to the bed. John turned off the lights… Rachel woke up in the morning. She tried to move her neck. The pain was still there. The pain was worse. The pillow had changed, it caused pain, not comfort. Rachel felt betrayed. She heard John coming in.

“Good morning. you slept well?” John asked.

“Good morning” Rachel smiled unwillingly.

John left for office. Rachel stared longingly at the driveway. She returned to her bedroom. She held the pillow close to her chest as tears started to roll. She remembered the time she and John went out for dinner. She remembered how John left no chance to make her smile. She remembered how he comforted her even when she felt low. Now all he did was hurt. She sat upright on the edge of the bed for hours with the pillow held tightly on her lap reminiscing her memories with John. She stood up abruptly and threw the pillow towards the door.

“I should change the pillow.” She decided.


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