“Have you ever been so close to someone that it starts to suffocate you?”

Jane turned around in shock as she saw Jennette. She froze for a while and stood up in horror.

“Why are you here?” Jane screamed, ” Leave me alone.”

“I helped you.”, Jennette grinned “Say thanks”, as she walked away stamping her brown pumps hard on the pavement of the park.

Jane looked startled, yet she chose to stay back on the bench. She was scared, and she was shocked at the same time. She did not know what to do.

“Why do you follow me everywhere?”,  Jane murmured unconsciously, “Leave me alone.”

In the darkness of the night, all Jane could see was few stars, two or some five maybe. She stared at those stars but they reminded her of Roy. She wondered how bright he was, and how the stars would seem faded if compared with Roy. He was her star, her best friend and her soul mate, and now, he was a star forever. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and fell down on her feet. She let them fall because those were for Roy, the love of her life. It was almost midnight when Jane realised that she had been sitting there for hours.

She stood up and started to walk back home. Jane opened the door and gazed at the emptiness of the room.

“With Roy gone, this it is not a home anymore.”, Jane sighed.

Roy was her love, the man she adored. She remembered how close he was to her heart. She would go to work and all she could think of was him. She would be with friends and the only thought she would have on her head was about what Roy was doing. There was not a moment she could go without talking to him. Roy was a drug and Jane was addicted to him.

“He is dead” Jane cried ” I lost him.

She went into the bathroom and washed her face. She stared at the mirror and wondered how long had it been that she had forgotten to look at herself. She looked tired. She kept staring until she saw her reflection fading into a mist. She touched the mirror and wiped it clean. She could not see herself. All she saw was Jennette.

“If it suffocates you so much, kill it.“, Jennette smirked.

Jane smiled back as she slowly turned around to see Roy in the bathtub. The water had turned red with his blood and Roy laid there looking so bright.

After all, he was her star.


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