The Crush

Her silky straight hair danced to the rhythm of the cool breeze. Sometimes they would touch her tender lips and sometimes move away so far. Sometimes they would touch her cheeks and sometimes her nose. Ayush kept watching her from distance every day but never dared to talk. What intrigued him the most was her eyes- eyes as blue as the sky and as deep as an ocean. He wondered how it would feel to talk to her anyways.

“Not today”, he decided as he walked away from the park gate.

Sophie came there every day for the walk. She loved to walk but she always walked alone. Ayush never saw her sit down. She was always on move just like the leaves falling down from the big peepal tree and flying away to every corner of the park with the wind. She was like the waves of the ocean- so close in one moment and so distant in another.

“Why would she even look at a guy like me?”, Ayush reminded himself as he entered his room.

He logged into his facebook and the first thing in his newsfeed was Sophie’s smiling face.

“Not a pout, not a duck face. Just a plain smile yet so pretty. That’s my Sophie.” Ayush smiled goofily as he looked at his Sophie over the computer screen.

Ayush and Sophie had been friends on Facebook for a year now but they never talked. They were in the same class since they were little kids and saw one another every day other than on holidays.

“But I’m invisible to her”, Ayush uttered in frustration.

He turned the lights off as he hid inside the blanket. The room was dark and asleep but Ayush could not sleep. With his eyes awake, even in the dark room, he could vividly see Sophie’s face. Her blue eyes and her slender nose, her tiny waist and her butterscotch skin.

Would her cotton candy lips melt if I kissed her?

“She would not even look at me”, he reminded himself.

Ayush suddenly remembered he had to wake up early for school.He tried to shut his eyes and prayed to fall asleep. The more he prayed, the more he failed to sleep.


Ayush had just fallen asleep as the alarm rang. He unwillingly got out of his bed and entered the bathroom. He looked at the mirror as he brushed his teeth. He hated his teeth, he hated the gap between his teeth. Though it was almost unnoticeable, Ayush hated it.
“It is because of you that Sophie never talks to me”, Ayush looked away from the mirror as he blamed his teeth for his ill fate.

“Breakfast is ready. Be quick Ayush, you are late again”, his mother shouted from the kitchen.

He hurriedly pushed everything in the plate into his mouth and ran out of the door as he chewed it all.

“Shit!! Not again! ”

He was late again and like always he had to spend an hour in the detention room. With a sad puppy face, he entered the detention room. The room was totally empty and the emptiness freaked him out.

“Why always me???”, he cried as he put his head down on the desk.

He heard someone enter the room. He didn’t look up but he felt relieved that he was not the only one stuck there for an hour. It had been ten minutes and he felt someone sit right beside him. He slowly put his head up and froze in awkwardness.

“Hello”, Sophie smiled as she spoke.

“Hey”, Ayush smiled awkwardly trying to hide the gap between his teeth.


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