The Love Bite

I woke up in the morning as the sun rays fell upon my face. The window was open and the curtains were missing I looked at the empty side of my bed. I kept staring longingly imagining things I wanted to do to her. I got distracted from my thoughts as my eyes caught the sight of the clock in front of my bed.

“Shit!”, I was late.

I jumped off the bed and rushed into the kitchen. There I saw her silently looking at me the way she always does. My thoughts of things I wanted to do to her came back again just like a boomerang that comes back, again and again, each time it goes away. She was a boomerang; she was a part of my life whom I could not just ignore.


I walked towards her while my eyes spoke of every plan I had for her. She looked back with acceptance. I held her tight and carried her in my hands. I put her down facing towards me. I could see her and she could see me. I smiled at her as I touched her. She let me touch her like she always did. My hands reached for a bottle on the table and as I held her I poured the water on her. I emptied the bottle and she laid there looking so appealing. She was made of sugar so sweet and no wonder she was addictive as caffeine. I carried her up again and took her to the other side of the kitchen. Things started to get heated up but the thought of getting late was distracting my mind. I touched her again in impulse, she kissed me so hard leaving a love bite, she left a mark on my wrist.

“Damn Teapot !!!”, I screamed in pain.


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