When we look back to where we came from, we start to realise where we are heading towards. A few days back I watched a movie set in the backdrop of the first world war and while watching movies based on real life events, I have a peculiar habit of which, I am sure, many of us share; It is the habit of trying to visualise the surroundings as it would have been then. It was then when I realised I don’t know even a bit about the WWI to start with. Well, that goes fine since it happened a really long time ago anyway. Nevertheless, I googled it and it led me to the WWII, then the Gulf War, years long civil war in my own country and much more.

As we look down to our own history today, we see it in black and white and we see it in good and bad. But how can we see it in black and white when the people who died bled outright red? It happened for real- people died for real and they died in colors. Some with their deep blue eyes turned pale as they died, some with their blonde hair covered with dark red blood and some with their beloved’s blue color handkerchief placed close to their heart. While I looked for all these conflicts and terrors, I suddenly felt clenched with a feeling, as suffocating as ever-


In those conflicts, one thing that was common was the atrocity propagandas spread by few and believed by all. If we look today, we see the world has not changed a bit. With globalised media, we have injected our life with false information. We see CNN and realise it spreading propagandas against President Trump, we see Al Jazeera and we totally get that it is trying to get a hold of the Arab nations opposing Qatar and then we start to feel,


And the most ironic thing is that most of the people do not even realise they are being fed with false, exaggerated, fabricated or biased information at the very first place. Even the most elite of all and the brightest of all fail to keep it in notice because of a simple mantra that the media houses use-


Yes exactly, they hit people where it hurts. Simple.  We can see this with a popular instance of the Niyarah Testimony where a false testimony of a girl claiming that the Iraqi shoulders killed babies in incubators of Kuwaiti hospitals was enough for the American public to be convinced that their government should do something to help thereby creating an environment for the US to enter the Gulf War. Now when I am saying all this, I am trying my best to not be cynical but these are all games of check and mate, one trying to get an upper hand over other. These are the clashes of the mighty where the feeble gets stepped up and crumbled into pieces.

Earlier when I mentioned how our history indicates our future, I was meaning to point out how the world has become much more fragile and how we have become so much vulnerable to falling for such widespread propagandas. The internet- the dark web is full of conspiracy theories and of the “jholeys” of different parties trying to sell their ideas (mostly fabricated and biased). In all this, the worst thing is that we are not empowered, rational or even literate enough to filter away such biased information and to get a peek-a- boo of the actual ulterior motives. I would shamefully admit that there have been times when I myself might have fallen prey of such situations. We are educated, we have been taught how to study but we have failed to learn- learn the basic skills of judgement and reason and that is what the youth of today really need to learn if they wish to take the world to a different direction tomorrow. Sadly, I hardly see that happening anytime soon because people tend to believe easily on negative information than on positive ones.

Today we live in the world of bigoted “ism”s – racism, sexism, classism, ageism and god knows what more. We are so much engulfed in it that we simply fail to see the most important and the most humane things ever- compassion, care and most importantly love. To lead our societies to a better direction, it is high time that we move past the veil of the bigoted “ism”s and start seeing us all as humans to start over with.


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