The Woman’s Man

With women’s day coming, one thing that grabs the attention of most people is the accomplishments of women- the strong and the empowered women. In all this Women’s Day zeal, I thought of checking in on some great women in the world history. Having just watched the season one of The Crown, I tried searching for Queen Elizabeth II. After her, I ended up with Eleanor D Roosevelt, Meg Whitman, Coco Chanel and then Michelle Obama and I finally concluded my quest with Emma Watson.

“Oh, what an amazing time to be a woman.”, I thought

I logged in to my Facebook and started with the regular scroll routine. As I scrolled, one post caught my attention. It was something related to most controversial actresses in Nepal. I clicked the link just because it mentioned of controversies.

“Who does not like to read about controversies? I mean, why not?”

I am not much of a movie person so I did not really know about the actresses listed in the post. Somewhere in the middle of the list, I found a familiar name- Priyanka Karki. I mean who doesn’t know her? She is everywhere these days. When I read of her controversies, each of them thoroughly as though I was to sentence her to life for all the crimes she had committed.

“What? She doesn’t know the difference between US and America?? Dumb bitch.”, I giggled

“What does she mean by she likes making love with HER partner in HER dining table? Get a bed maybe?”, I smirked, “And what is she wearing. Is that a CLEAVAGE? God help us.”

I closed the tab and decided, “Priyanka Karki is dumb, she shows too much of cleavage, she is a cheat and she has her moral standards lower than a newborn’s IQ.” 

I continued with my scrolling and there I found a picture of my brother Sabin with Priyanka Karki.

“Priyanka Karki everywhere.” I rolled my eyes in despise.

Then I started to read what he had to say. It read…

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” No one I have seen is able to justify the conveyed meaning better than you. You have created a separate path for yourself, spreading your own vibrant charm to it. You have inspired thousands with your beauty and the bold attitude. You have created a different perspective towards the overall cinema and despite all the success you still have the best of hearts. You are the most scrutinised, you are scolded with words that are even harsh to a man’s ear, you are mistaken as a fool when your tongue slips in between USA and AMERICA, you are thought to be involved in some vendetta even with your own hard earned money. Your Facebook post gets inundated with words as “BI#$H” and what more, you get trolled for no reason at all. But ever wondered why? Because uneasy lies in the head that wears the crown. And yes, you are the queen with the crown of glory and success. And still, you have emerged out stronger. As one of your admirer, I cannot be happier and it gives me immense joy to see the industry taking giant leaps with your charisma. Happy birthday to the most loved lady in the country.

The post stunned me. I wondered why out of everyone, my dear innocent brother loves this woman so much. I thought about it for the entire day. All the empowerment stuff I was reading earlier in the morning started coming back to me.

As I went to bed, I decided, “Priyanka Karki makes mistake, she is a woman and she has cleavage, she spends what she earns and she makes her own decisions.”

I thought of my brother. He was a fan. Then I realised, he was not just a fan. He was empowering her. He was standing for her like every HE should stand for every HER and he was not alone.

“Well, what a good time to be a woman.”, I sighed as I closed my eyes to sleep.


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