The Savior

Once upon a time there was an old woman passing through a jungle with her two grandchildren. She was carrying her daughter’s son on her back and holding her son’s son by his hand. While they were deep inside a jungle, they encountered a lion.

“Please spare her, you can eat me”, the son’s son prayed

“Please spare me, you can eat them”, the daughter’s son shouted.

Everyone burst into laughter as he told this old folk story to prove his point on how a daughter and her family is just an outsider as any XYZ can be. My eyes met “her” eyes. She was not laughing she was not even getting the point and she didn’t find it amusing at all.

“It is not even real, did you leave your brain at home. Men and women are equals”, she spoke.

“It is how it is no matter what is said and taught, a daughter is to leave her parent’s home for a new family. So any offsprings of the daughter are nothing more than a kin.”

“But what about the DNA? Science? If a daughter’s offsprings are just a kin then how does a son’s DNA produce anything different?”

All the “he” shifted their eyes on “her” as she spoke. The room was silent and tense. Nobody knew how to answer the question that was in fact quite logical. One of the “he” looked at her and started to laugh. Everyone else joined.

“It is how our society works dear”, one of them answered, “A daughter marries and leaves the home and she makes a new family. That is her family and her family is separate from that of her parent’s family. But a son stays home, adds up a new member to the clan and is entitled to continue the generation.”

She stood silent. She did not like it but he did make a good point. A logical one. She remembered her parents and her brother. She thought how she would just become less of a family and more of a kin once she got married. She felt it difficult to digest the fact that her family had never been her’s since the start. The class was over and she walked back home with half of her heart broken.

“Oh, you came? Come help me in kitchen.”, her mother shouted from the kitchen.

She got fresh, changed and ran to the kitchen for help.

“I got a good news”, her mother said excitedly, “your brother’s work visa got accepted. He is leaving in a month with your sister-in-law and kids.”

“What? Why did you not tell me when I came??”

“Oh, you just rushed into your room.”

The mother and daughter started planning for things to pack as they prepared the dinner. She looked at her mother. She was happy yet sad. She knew that this could be a really long departure.

“Your brother wants to separate with us before he leaves.”, her mother spoke sadly as tears rolled down her cheeks, “he wants to sell whatever property he would have in his part because he plans to settle in there.”

As she looked at her mother in her eyes, she got a cold feeling in her heart.

“With brother gone away with his family forever,  who will stop the lion from eating you?”, she asked in dismay.

“You will.”, her mother smiled in glory.



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