Why do I even try telling you something”, Aria spoke sarcastically, “it’s not like you listen to me”

He stared blankly at the wall in front and then slowly moved his eyes to the ceiling and then to the closet door which Aria never learnt how to lock. He smiled as she folded and unfolded the clothes recklessly. She never even learnt how to fold the clothes. He stood up slowly and walked towards her. She gave him an angry look and walked out of the room.

“You look cute when you are angry”, he spoke in a low voice as he jumped on the bed like a love-struck teenage boy.

“Why would you even care about me”, her voice echoed from the kitchen, “you would not do so if you ever did.

For the last two months, she was always in a bad mood; she stopped smiling and she stopped enjoying. He entered the kitchen as she was doing the dishes. He went closer to her thinking of holding her from behind like he always did. He thought he would surprise her… like he always did.


A plate fell off her hands as he raised his arms to hug her. She turned around angrily.

Are you happy now??” she murmured rolling her eyes.

Clumsy”, he teased.

She washed her hands and walked away even angrier. She left the dishes on the sink- undone, incomplete and broken.

He followed her to the bedroom as she walked towards the closet with the open door.

“Don’t do it Aria!” he screamed nervously as she looked inside the closet, “not again!!!”

She took a red envelope out of the closet and started to read the letter inside it for probably the millionth time. She read it every day for the last two months. Tears fell down her eyes and dropped on the letter. Every time she read it, she looked for answers to her questions. Like always,  her eyes stopped at the last line in the letter.

“Why?” she screamed as she cried.

“I am sorry”, his voice cracked as he kept looking at her from distance.


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